Concrete Plans For The Future

I don’t know who invented concrete, though it has been in widespread use since the ancient Romans used it to build the Colosseum and...

The Promise Of Basic Research

Skewing To Renewables

Doing More With Less Water


Will Consumers Manage Their Electricity Use?

Most people are about as engaged in their monthly electricity bills as they are in tracking the amount of air they breathe. Direct Energy is...


Changing The Mission

Once the world economy started slowing in 2007,Textron changed how it approached innovation in order to bring new aircraft and helicopters to market quicker,...


Smarter Farming

Nearly three-quarters of the world’s 4 million metric ton annual cocoa bean crop is grown in West Africa, where farmers often must overcome challenges...


Changing Minds While Innovating Hearts

When Stan Rowe took his search for funding a minimally-invasive alternative to heart valve replacement to VCs on Sand Hill Road back in 2000,...


Amazon’s Retail Plan Isn’t About Books

What's up with Amazon opening a store in Manhattan, with hundreds more coming to towns that used to have book stores?  It has very little...

Soap Is A Technology

A Crowdsourced Hotel Room

Is This The Future of TV?


Transactions + People = Services

The precedent for Goldman Sachs’ recent move into retail banking (GS Bank) was set in 2008 by Alberto Nagel, CEO of Italy’s Mediobanca, who not only...


An Approach To Recombinant R&D

Recombinant proteins are an innovative class of drugs in which DNA have been reprogrammed or recombined to treat diseases. CSL Behring has long been...


Innovating At Scale

“We were getting hammered,” said Arnold Donald, Carnival Corporation’s CEO, recollecting his first days on the job in mid-2013. “Fuel prices were going through the...

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Tesla toaster

I Want A Tesla Toaster

News that Tesla may be considering its own streaming music service suggests there’s no limit to what it could do. I want a Tesla...

Is Big Data A Black Swan Killer?

The dream of big data is to make experience predictable, and black swan theory says it can’t be done, at least not wholly reliably....

The Oldest Innovation: Monopoly

Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods is further evidence of its plan to corner the market on retail. It’s about consolidation, not innovation. In fact, controlling...