A New Conversation About Oil?

When Alberta’s premier Rachel Notley announced a hard cap on carbon emissions to fight climate change last November, she was joined by execs from...


Activating Your Grassroots Network

“We started hoping to mine our 8,000+ current client projects for innovation,” said Ravi Kumar S., EVP & Chief Delivery Officer for Infosys, a...

Iterating Locks & Keys

The Past Informs The Future

An OS For Human Resources


What Does A Nimble Conglomerate Look Like?

“If we owned a steel mill, what happens if our engineers want to make things in plastic, or with 3D printing?” asked Ronnie Leten,...


Texture Is The New Flavor

“We’re in the gazinta business, but we offer much more,” said Anthony DeLio, SVP and Chief Innovation Officer at Ingredion. “Our model is to...


The Human Face Of Healthcare

It’s odd that we tend to equate innovation with fast tech startups, or apps that are bolted onto consumer offerings, considering their low success...


Employee Engagement

VSP Global’s innovation lab (“The Shop”) was created in December, 2012, to innovate with external entrepreneurs and partners. When the company announced it would...


Building To Principles

Royal Bank of Canada arguably leads its market in technology innovation, having been first with Mondex phone payments in the 1980s, then introduced chip...


Coatings As Active Components

Buildings using smart coatings that absorb pollution. Airplanes wrapped in heat-deflecting tech borrowed from eggplant biology. Surfaces of wind turbine blades that slice through...


A Different Future For The Ford 1,400

Ford plans to fire 1,400 staffers, and many media outlets suggest the move is intended to appease Wall Street by cutting costs (the stock is...